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How C-phones can Help Your Business

If you have the type of business that has a lot of dictation needs, you need to give consideration to using a dictation system that utilizes C-phones. These specialized phones bring an added dimension to dictation that makes it more productive for your business, and a rise in productivity is always beneficial to your profits. The following are a few things you should know about C-phones.

A quick explanation of a C-phone

The first question most people have is what exactly does this type of phone do. Secondly, what does the letter C stand for? The letter C simply stands for coupler and is somewhat technical. Obviously, some engineer had something to do with the name. However, the easiest explanation of a C-phone is that it is a special type of phone that forms the backbone of a robust dictation system. A more detailed explanation is best illustrated by describing its function.

The basic process

Your dictation system is best integrated to your server to get the most out of a C-phone. The person who wishes to dictate voice information to be transcribed later will first sign into the company’s computer network. This can be done on the company’s premises, or it can be done away from the company. It is a phone, and an employee can call into your business’s network. Naturally, different accounts can be created for each person who has dictation needs, and passwords for these accounts can also be created. After the dictation has been recorded, it can then be edited if necessary, and then a final file sent to a server.

Turning an audio file into a text file

Once the file is on the server, it can then be used by transcriptionists to turn into a text file that can be printed out if necessary. These transcriptionists are not necessarily employees of the company, you can subcontract this type of work to a business that specializes in transcription work. This enables your business to have the work done efficiently, and at a reduced cost compared to what you could do it for with your own employees.

When you implement a dictaphone c-phones system, you will be using the best technology available for a dictation system.