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One Must Try These Seafood in The Best Hotels in South Goa

Seafood has turned out to be an indispensable part of the Goan cuisine. On your visit to Goa, you can discover numerous hotels serving the staple food of Goa – Sheeth Kodi Nustey (Rice, Curry and Fish) along with different varieties. This is also served along with various kinds of assortments which forms a delectable and a full-fledged fish ‘Thali’ (assorted platter). Aside from this, there are such huge numbers of independent dishes that contain the very essence of seafood that the Goan culture gives the tourists. South Goa is a place which is definitely not to be missed with regards to having the best seafood.

The best hotels in South Goa incorporate traditional formulas for preparing the most amazing seafood in the country. These conventional methods of preparing seafood have been passed on from one generation to the other and are present till date. If you are someone who cherishes eating seafood, you might want to explore things beyond just the ‘Thalis’. The next time you are in Goa, make sure that you head to these amazing restaurants to have the best of Goa served to you.

  • Fisherman’s Wharf: Ever since this restaurant has established itself in South Goa in 2005, Fisherman’s Wharf has turned into groups most loved and maybe the best fish and multi-cuisine eatery in South Goa. Being one of the best hotels in South Goa, when you enter the hotel, you will see that it has been set in the most appropriate location. It’s situated close to the River Sal, you can sit on the wooden deck overlooking the River Sal and look at the old angling watercraft lying inactive or being used by the fishermen. The hotel serves Indian and Chinese cuisine alongside its lead customary Goan fish. There’s the ever prevalent King Prawn Recheado, the fiery Prawn Balchao, and Pomfret spread with garlic sauce to draw in your taste buds or you could attempt the all-time great Goan Fish Curry with Rice. There is additionally the bar which serves phenomenal drinks to wash down all the food.
  • Martin’s Corner: The story of Martin’s Corner is one of sheer persistence, magnificence and diligent work. After her husband’s retirement, Carafina Periera chose to set up two little tables outside the house, which likewise served even the purpose of a grocery store. She served Sorpotel, Prawn Curry Rice, and different dishes to the staff of the close-by inns to make end meets. Her diligent work paid off and she began to be recognized by the people residing not just there but elsewhere as well. The place is named after her late husband Martin. It’s a mainstream spot with its red-checked tablecloths, photos of popular supporters and, above all, its fabulous seafood! If you are in Goa, try the Rawa Fried Mussels, or, on the off chance that you are feeling insatiable, try the Crab Masala Fry or the Kingfish balchao and eat them with the Goan rice. Martins Corner is a sweet place which radiates love and joy.
  • Fish Ka: Fish Ka might be well-known to individuals who visit South Goa, it’s run by a Russian-Indian blend of owners and has an assortment of multiple flavoursome cuisines for the people who prefer eating less spicy seafood. The next time you are in South Goa, you should definitely try the Calamari, you can have it plain, masala, garlic, brilliant broil, and firm sear, it tastes great each way. Fish Ka exceeds others in the desserts, with potentially the best brownies around the local area.
  • Anantashram: This Vasco da Gama institution has developed from a shack into its present burrows—with two lounge areas that are exceedingly jam-packed at the meal times. Known for their Golden Goan fish ‘Thali’ that accompanies five classical pleasures, there’s significantly more on the menu too. Fish lovers can fulfil their longings with the prawn balchao, while their North Indian cuisine will pass muster for those that want to stay with what they have tried and tested during the course of their lives.
  • Zeebop By The Sea: The Utorda shoreline spot offers casual dining throughout the day offers unparalleled seafood. The next time you head to Goa, try the hot mackerel rechado, angle curry and a vast feni and appreciate the tropical milieu, loaded with silver sands, palms and fabulous sunsets.

Being situated on the western coastline, Goa is a state which is primarily known for its seafood. Be it anywhere, anytime, you will definitely find amazing seafood. From succulent crabs to delectable fishes Goa is the ideal destination for you in the event you wish to try the most amazing seafood that the country has to offer.