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The Historical Timeline and Practices of Piqua Shawnee Tribe

Shawnee tribe were the nomadic meaning they were moving from place to another. They migrated across many areas in the Northeast and Southeast. They were moving from one place to another in search of farming land and animals to hunt which made them to be hunters and farmers. In addition to that, these tribes copied the dressing code of Europeans as they were moving from one place to the next. This tribe was also headed by chiefs such as Cornstalk, Blue Jacket and Tecumseh.

This tribe migrated to America from their original homeland which was a place known as Tennessee around Cumberland river. In this region they adopted a lifestyle that were best suited to the climate, geographical set up and the natural resources that were available in those particular regions. You can confuse some of the members of this tribe with Indians since they adopted native Indian culture as a result of their nomadic life. But due to constant civic war in America some of the Shawnee were blended into Cherokee Nation also known as Cherokee Shawnee. They lived in different places depending with their major economic practices. For example, the nomadic Shawnee lived in birchbark houses which were located in woodland areas.

These houses were in the shape of a cone with the arched roofs which were made of wooden frames. This wooden frame was covered with buffalo hides being that it was a major resource in that area. This house was usually about 8-10 feet tall and 10-15 wide.

The native language that the Shawnee were speaking was known as Algonquian. The resources that were available in the area they were living in could determine what they were eating. We have a group of hunters who were majorly eating buffalo, deer, elk and wild turkey which was being supplemented with roots and vegetables. Others who were living in the woodlands were eating fish, squirrel, deer, raccoon, bear and beaver which was supplemented with corn maize, pumpkin, squash and beans. The majority of people who inhabited Southeast part were majorly eating rabbits, wild hogs, turkeys, eagles which were supplemented with corn, beans, dried fruits, pumpkins and nuts.

Another thing about Shawnee is that they were using bows, arrows, hatchet, axes, spears, lenses, knives and riffles. They were using this weapon to defend themselves and for hunting purposes. Being that they were dressing like Europeans but they had different types of cloths depending with the season. For example, during warm climate they were putting on breach cloths while during cold weather they were putting on finger tunics, shirts and leggings.

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Tribes

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Tribes