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The New and Improved Therapy For People With Speech And Communication Impairment

Speech plays a huge role in communicating to people at home, in work and other forms of human relationship or interaction. A person who is unable to communicate and talk well will find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings. Fortunately, there have been advanced researches and developments to help improve people who have difficulty for both. Advanced technology has been proven to be effective because of these examples.

For children born with autism, a robot, in the name of Kasper, has been recently developed by the University of Hertfordshire. Kasper has a child-like voice so children can interact with it and will likely do what Kasper would ask such as playing games or have fun activity with it. The research team made Kasper during 2005, wherein the creation involved spanning robotics, autism treatment and techniques, psychology, assistive technology and other relevant technologies needed. Kasper has been brought to different schools supervised by researchers and teachers. With a more advanced technology discovered, Kasper has been circling around wireless and has been developed with a more personalized version using a tablet for an easy control from the parent or teacher.

Both the teacher and parent will now be able to control the robot to engage in games that will encourage the child with autism to imitate, show various facial expressions, and discuss with the child what makes him or her cry or be sad. This modern and advanced way of communicating is now being discussed of a possible mass production of the robot in the market to reach out to autistic children all over the world and help them improve their social skills and communication skills.

A patient who suddenly experiences speech disability because of an unexpected stroke condition will find it hard forward on with life. Nowadays, there are Physical Therapy Billing Software to help stroke patients bring back their speech. Sheffield University has made a good example of this Physical Therapy Software which is a computerized therapy session or a planned program to gradually help the stroke patient with its speech and which can be done at home. A very intense stimulation is used by this software using words, images and sounds to trigger the damaged nerves. To further understand about this speech therapy, check out Physical Therapy Billing Software reviews of the amazing facts this has provided.

Our natural instinct allows us to do great things when someone makes a speech. When we are surrounded by a lot of noise, we are still able to hear what the other person wants relay through his or her speech because we are able to filter noise and only choose to hear the words being said and not minding the noise in the background. Researchers are also now focusing on speech synthesis and conversion of audio to text messages and create machines that can quickly and naturally interact just like human beings do. It may seem impossible now but some scientists think that it is very possible in the near future to which it will not only compose various expressions but also interact in different accents and languages, which is very useful to people around the world who have this speech problems.